Silhouette spreading armsYou are an original signature presence in the world with special gifts to share, and there will never be another person quite like you. As a spark of the divine flame, your unique expression of individuality will be gone when you leave Earth. There forever will be a hole in the web of humanity that no one else can ever fill. 

Yet, if you are like most people, by the time you reached maturity you lost touch with the original source of energy from which your passion flows. You may have forgotten the truth of who you are, so you denied your uniqueness, trading it in for acceptance and layers of self-protection, secrecy, and disguise.

Most of us go through our adult lives thinking we are making conscious and original decisions. Unfortunately, we’re not. Years later, looking back, we can clearly see patterns that have taken the place of our originality—our flow—and kept us from being happy, healthy, and successful. Our history determined our futures. It’s almost as though we’ve been entombed under layers of debris and now everything looks the same. 

We notice that we keep having the same basic relationship, only with different spouses, lovers, friends, bosses or colleagues. We’re aware that contact with our parents, children, and siblings could’ve been better, or we see how we ruined these relationships. We see the money we might have earned or threw away, and the opportunities we let pass by or even sabotaged. We recognize the talents and abilities we could have developed, except we never took the time. Somehow we missed having a sense of true meaning, purpose and value. 

In over 25 years as a life coach, executive coach and psychotherapist there is one theme I have seen over and over again. Looking back, everything looks different, and most individuals wish they had done more with their potential. Life doesn’t have to be this way. At any moment life can be fulfilling, surprising, joyous, and pleasurable – even at work! It is within our power—in fact it is our birthright—to live our days with incredible passion and a true sense of purpose. 

The secret is to learn how to recognize and break the patterns that keep us stuck and recycling the same, stale moments throughout our lives. This is the key to transforming all our relationships at work and at home, both with others and ourselves. It is the key to having fresh, exuberant experiences and leading lives full of meaning and vibrant possibility. 

Our passion exists to show us when patterns drag us down.  To learn more about how to move beyond contact me for a no charge consultation or go to Amazon for a copy of my book 5 Star rated book,  The Passion Principle: Discover Your Personal Passion Signature and the Secrets to Deeper Relationships in Love, Life and Work.