Why I Became a Coach

 “Coaching is how I pay it forward.”

I want to share with you why I chose this profession as a life coach, psychotherapist, communication and relationship coach. I think it will help you get a feeling about whether I might be right for you.

I come from a large family with a forty-five year family business. I had learning disabilities-dyslexia that went untreated. Labeled a slow learner, I thought I was dumb, so with the low-self esteem that comes from these labels, I drifted as a teenager and felt lost.

But in the 10th grade I had a social studies teacher who, at 35 years old, had just developed breast cancer. Although she recovered from the mastectomy, it changed her. She was no longer only a teacher; she truly became a kind of life coach, inspiring many of us to value our lives and have a sense of purpose.

I was so inspired by her courage and generosity, considering everything she was going through, that one day I asked if she would meet with me privately because I was feeling lost and in need of guidance. In our first meeting she opened my heart and mind to new possibilities.

She helped me see my true potential; that I “could be something way beyond what test scores said.” She helped me realize that my life had a purpose. That I had been born with specific gifts and talents and that it was important that I value them and share them with others. Thanks to her support I found the confidence to enroll in college and become a psychotherapist and life coach because I wanted to help others the way she had helped me.

My dear friend, who made all this happen passed away when she was 41 years old. This was the same year I graduated with a BA in Psychology, with a Minor in Communication and a Masters Degree in Education in Marriage and Family Counseling. Her loss inspired me to commit to the work, to take her love and impact on my life and move it forward. 

I’ve been so lucky on my life path. In the last 25 years it continues to be my goal to help clients find answers to tough questions in their lives and career, in communications and relationships and transforming the way they think and feel. This is the heart and soul of the life coaching, marriage and family counseling and executive coaching I do today.

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