Who uses my services?

· Executives Having Trouble in Their Love Life

· Sales People Interested in Improving Their Ability to Close

· Families with Businesses

· Feuding Families

· Conflict resolution

· Executives interested in personal and professional advancement

Be Ahead of Every Conversation

Understanding how your inner language works not only helps to create a more harmonious life it also helps you to understand how to reach people.

Every conversation has nuances and every person is always giving off more information then they are aware of. These hints and clues help you to know the best way to reach them whether it is to close a sale or to avoid escalating a situation before it gets out of hand.

Through many years of learning and working with clients, I have identified 5 specifics types of people. I call these Signature Profiles and they are talked about in my book, “The Passion Principle: Discover Your Personal Passion Signature and the Secrets to Deeper Relationships in Love, Life and Work”.

Identifying the 5 Signature Profiles

In this Rethink Everything™ program, we can work with you individually, as a couple or even on the job as a team. In this training, you will receive an in-depth understanding of how your area of growth is related to:


· Your Profile

· Your Signature Gifts

· Your Communications

· How Your Stressed Type Blocks Your Outcomes

· How to Unblock Yourself And Express Your Passion in the World


· How Others Relate to You

· What Motivates Them to Act in Your Favor

· What Opens Them to You

· What Causes Them to Shut Down

· How you can use the gifts of your Passion Signature to build trust and long lasting relationships

The First Step is Learning your Signature Profile

When you identify your “type” and understand how to unblock your body and mind, you will learn how to create the outcomes that actually cause your life to move forward in all the ways you want.

You will directly experience how unlocking your real potential that is living within you frees you up to see life in new and creative ways. Then your destiny becomes brand new.

We Work On:

· Increasing Your Money Making Potential

· Releasing Blockages in Nervous System

· Making the Unconscious Work for You

· Preventing Your Relationships From Turning into a Replica of Mom’s and Dad’s Relationship

· Helping you Realize your Love Worth

Transformation in Action

Man in Love

Joe came to me in his 50’s. He was struggling with making peace with his past. He had been married 3 times. He loved his wife but he confessed, “I wish I had gotten the help I needed to stay with the person I loved first. She was my soul mate. But we didn’t know how to deal with our challenges constructively so our fights became impasses and ultimately we divorced. I didn’t know how to value what I had. Now 15 years later I realize we had something very special and I wish I had had the wisdom to reach out and get some help.”

So many times our fantastic patterns choose the love of our lives only to have the blockages prevent us from keeping this love. The longer we are in a love relationship, the more the nervous system tries to make this relationship fall into patterns that are familiar like our mom and dad’s relationship.

Over time the conflicts build as well as the distance and that’s the reason people who truly love one another don’t end up staying together.

Families in Business

“Every time I sit down with my brother’s and sister’s to have a board meeting about the family businesses we start feuding. Even though we are in our 60’s we fight like teenagers for mom and dad’s attention. This last year we lost over 250 thousand dollars because we can’t agree on anything and our customer’s are seeing our family dysfunction.”

Your family business can be easily transformed through our special program called the Family Network Method™.

The Family Network Method™

Oftentimes, the entire family and their family wealth are held hostage by worn out childhood patterns of communication and conflict resolution. This negatively affects business and growth on all levels.

In the Family Network method, you learn skills to collapse old worn-out communication patterns and bring alignment, so that the family legacy, business and wealth are protected.

Working with family issues and family businesses can be challenging because it is almost impossible to get all the family members in the same room at the same time.

The good news is that I have a tried and true method to work with the entire family through one person. The beauty of this program is that you can be empowered with skills that do not require all family members to be present during training.

One person receives training in advanced conflict resolution and team building and brings the skills to the family to be taught to each family member. Then, everyone is on the same page and is aware of what is expected of them within the realm of communication.

The Power of the Family Network Method™

Through training, Joe learned to identify each family member’s Signature Profile. This training gave him the ability to diffuse the conflicts keeping the entire family apart. He was taught to unlock his own limitations and become a superior negotiator and conflict resolution expert.

The results: after 2 years the family business not only regained its seasonal platform making back their 250K but the family was able to come together and sell the family business for 65 million!

It’s time for you to RETHINK EVERYTHING