Jane was a dental assistant making $38k per year.

She never finished college and felt that this was holding her back.

She had also been dating a man she really didn’t like very much for several years.

Her father sent her to see me after he had been working with me utilizing the Rethink Everything Coaching model with the Mastery Intensive.

Through this program he became aware of subtle and unrealized beliefs, communication patterns, problem solving strategies and feelings of unworthiness that were interfering with his ability to apply his actual brain power and potential.

As he used the model he began to naturally climb up the ladder of success to ultimately become the number 1 salesman of the year out of a sales staff of 400. Over the next few years, his financial portfolio grew from 150k per year to a net worth of over 15 million.

When he saw his daughter struggling with limitation in every area of her life he sent her to me. As Jane spoke it became clear that she too suffered from subtle but very powerful limiting internal influences that were creating outcomes that were not serving her life.

She realized that feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness were limiting her earning capacity. These feelings were causing her to settle in every area of her life. As she began to uncover how the subtle forms of self-sabotage were affecting what she required from her boyfriend, her friends and even her boss, realizations opened her to new ways of seeing herself and her life. She began rethinking everything.

This life and relationship coaching helped her let go of the relationship patterns that weren’t serving her. As her real brainpower, emotional strength and inner alignment with her potential were finally set free to direct her life she too began to rise.

She went back to school and completed her college degree. She then quit her job as a dental assistant and went into sales following the footsteps of her father. In a few years, she was earning 200K per year. She met the man of her dreams and is now happily married.

How is This Possible?

Every human being has a Signature Profile. That includes you and me.

When you understand your style, you will also understand your particular and unique:

· Gifts

· Talents

· Strengths

What’s fascinating about the Rethink EverythingTM Coaching Training Model is that each type is unique in how they limit themselves in life when stressed, fearful or in self-doubt. By identifying your type, you learn customized strategies to address this uniqueness and your life situations. When you are able to identify your “Stress-Style”, you can short-circuit your blockages clearing the space for innovative thinking, authentic expression and communication breakthroughs. Now you’re cooking with gas!

Don’t Let Your Limiting-Self Limit Your Life

When you are old enough to have seen your limiting-self sabotage your life a few times you know how prudent it is to address the situation before it gets out of hand.

The Next Step is Taking Charge of What You Communicate to the World!

Once you are adept at understanding your own style you learn to access the best parts of yourself. You learn not allow your “Stress Style” to derail you. Now, you have enormous amounts of personal power to take charge of your outcomes and influence your world!

Suddenly your work, family and love relationships become a canvas upon which you paint the details of your life with an assortment of colors, flavors and experiences steeped in success, prosperity and health.

Now, you can build trust in all of your relationships.

Now, you will have powerful tools to help you understand and motivate key employees, negotiate pay increases, close sales, diffuse conflicts, and build loyal teams. You no longer react to others. You respond. You choose!