How I Can Help You

As a life coach, licensed therapist and executive coach I have spent over 25 years empowering individuals, families, and businesses to master the relationships that matter most at home and at work.  As a communication strategist, I will take you inside the mind of relationship issues and unresolved communication issues to empower your outcomes. 

I’ve developed a deep knowledge of the subconscious drivers, verbal cues, subtle body-language and behaviors that motivate others to act positively or negatively towards you. 

Understanding what those are, having command of them and the role you can play in delivering “positive drivers” will change all of your relationships.

An important aspect of my work is based on 5 relationship styles.  When you understand on a very deep level your own style of relating and how to connect with the style of others you can easily build trust.  You are empowered to create breakthroughs in both love and work relationships. It leads to some amazing results. 

A unique part of my coaching is to help you “find the right words.” Together, we “script” important conversations using the relationship styles for love and work. By understanding another’s relationship style and what language creates trust and intimacy you have a reservoir of language you can draw on when you need it most.

You will then be empowered to remove accidental conflict escalators, unintentional self-sabotage and ways of being that have held you back until now.

Its like having a trust building short-cut tool in which you will understand, not only your own part and how you may get in your own way, but what makes others tick and what they need to feel safe, heard and even resolve conflicts in order to have strong business and personal relationship bonds with you.  

                                                                                                                                                              Professionally you are enabled to feel confident in relationship managment 360%.  Whether its key stakeholders complex personality issues, negotiations, resolving “tough case” relationship management issues or closing sales you will have the tools you need to succeed.  

You will also find this work to be a powerful short-cutting tool to create breakthroughs in personal relationships. Whether you are an executive who is facing online dating after many years or you find yourself in endless relationship struggles with your spouse and need marriage counseling I can help you.

You will receive poweverful tool to make deep and lasting bonds or restore bonds that may have been broken due to conflict in your family relationships. 

We won’t spend a lot of time reliving the past. We’ll step back just long enough to identify the cause, then we step forward to change old habits that no longer serve you. I’ll help you identify and release the stress reactions that are blocking you.

We then focus on your strengths. Building those strengths, learning how to use them every day will create breakthroughs in intimate relationships and work relationships.

This is the first step to free up your time and energy so you can happily get the most out of your life, your job, and your relationships. I will also help you develop your ‘quiet place. From there, you can observe yourself and those around you. With those ongoing insights, you can then develop the power and control to create the world you want, to find your voice, know your value and advance in your life and career.

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