Take a look at some testimonials and reviews from happy clients.


“I am on the plane rereading your book The Passion Principle for the third time. You are a genius – it is so fascinating! My boyfriend is 90% Warrior and I am 110% Lover. I am going to reread the triggers and best practices 50 times until I get it through my thick skull! Thank you.”

Jackie N

“I have known and worked with Donna for several years now both for relationship issues as well as for my career advancement. I got referred to her from a woman whom I trust implicitly, who highly recommended her. She assisted my friend and her husband with couples counseling, and was a big factor in saving their marriage. I have recently utilized Donna for couples counseling, and experienced how skilled she is in that area, and it has definitely helped my relationship. Donna has an uncanny ability to read you almost immediately which helps her to see past some of the blocks you may not even be aware of. Working with Donna has had a positive impact in all areas of my life. She is so insightful, warm, and has the most amazing sense of humor. She helped me script tough negotiations and coached me to smoothly advance my career through 2 job changes with promotions and raises. I am making more in salary now than I thought was possible for my profession. I highly recommend working with Donna without any hesitations!”


Nancy O

”We came to Donna on the verge of divorce after working with another relationship coach for 6 months in which we fought after every session for 6 months. When we sat down with Donna she said, “Ok, let’s put that aside and I am asking you to give this one month. Let’s see if we can turn this around. If you still love each other we will be able to save your marriage. She gave us the education we needed to understand the key differences in our personalities and what we were each doing to accidentally escalate conflict between us. The fighting stopped and we began to talk to each other in new ways. We both felt heard. In 4 weeks I began to feel the love for my husband again. We worked with her for over a year and not only felt the renewal of love but also we began to really understand each other in a way we had not known before. She enabled me to understand my husband at his core and what kinds of language, mannerisms etc brought him closer to me. She also enabled me to see how I was inadvertently escalating our conflicts and pushing him away. We literally went from divorce court to having another baby and a renewal of our love and marriage. Thanks so much. ”


Leslie C

“Donna was recommended to me through a chain of friends who had been happy with their results. I came for sessions because even though I was a successful executive I was way out of balance in the work/life arena. I had been unable to find love and absolutely loathed a more fulfilling social life and ultimately to get married. She said that we would set that as our goal and that we would be finished with our work together when I had gotten married. I am now married and just had a baby. I am eternally grateful.”


Sandra H

I saw Donnas’ book, The Passion Principle, in the lobby of a doctor’s office that made referrals to her. The receptionist insisted I see her. I started out seeing Donna for relationship coaching but realized she was so effective as an executive coach that I fired my other executive coach and saved a lot of money combining the 2 into one coach. She truly became my secret weapon helping me to do a 360-degree transformationin in both love and work. I got more in 2 sessions with her than I had in two years with the other coach. She gave me the tools and skills for relationship management. Most importantly she helped script critical conversations I would be having with my partner and executives on the job so I never felt like I had to go into a meeting alone or unprepared. As a result I was able to navigate an extremely competitive work environment with office politics, turf wars and a toxic boss who was trying to steal my thunder. Ultimately, I went from an inside relationship management position to being senior national director over several states. My raises and bonus were beyond my expectations. During the same time we worked on my love relationship as well. I had been stuck in a dead end relationship for 10 years and was finally able to breakup it off. It took a while but I continued sessions and kept learning about myself and eventually met the love of my life. We’re married and I am happier than ever!”



”I have learned more in 2 sessions with you than I learned in almost 2 years with my other coach. Not only for my relationship management issues at work but at home with my wife and family. Now I know what to do and the words to use to get everything back on track in my relationships.”



This has been amazing. As global head of sales, I dropped the ball with my wife because I was working and traveling so much. We grew apart, my wife was angry all the time, but I just didn’t know how to help. Every time I tried to help she would get angrier. You helped me get inside her head and figure out how she ticks. Now I have the tools I need and the words I need to use to navigate some very challenging conversations successfully.



My senior manager was much less skilled but much better at office politics and turf issues so he successfully held me back for many years. It was frustrating because I love IT systems management and development work. I have spent so many years as an analyst behind a computer that I never learned how relationship management skills. Now I feel like a super-star. With your help I navigated around and about my manager and report directly to the C-suite.



As an attorney I have to have answers for everyone else. Yet, most of the conversations I have in a day demand strategic thinking along with relationship[ management skills. Working with you has been invaluable with your personality profiling system to first understand how the other person thinks, but then to get inside their head and know the specific words to use to bring high value conversation with clients and colleagues to their best conclusion.