The Flying Buttress, which changed the landscape and culture across Europe is defined as, “Arched masonry that helps support feeble walls by using an outer structure to hold up the important inner structure.” Just as interesting is the fact that the Flying Buttress only became effective when the last stone – The Stabilizer – was inserted at the middle of the arch.

In the same way, the Family Network Method™ is a strong, outside structure that sends light and space into family conflict and changes habituated communication and succession issues that render constructive family governance ineffectual.

HOW IS THIS DONE? Generating alignment in a family torn apart by wealth management issues is a complex process but getting it started is not. The key is having the tools to see the true family architecture in the first place and then recognize who is ‘The Stabilizer.’ Which individual has the DNA and desire to bind wounds not salt them?

Once this person is identified via the Signature Profiling System™ analysis, the entire method then comes into play to leverage one highly motivated person and show them how to generate stability, clarity and compassion across the family unit.

Using this method which starts with ‘the power of one’ carefully selected person, families can collapse childhood relating patterns which may have been in place for 100 years and enable family communication to go through a maturation process to bring about the good for all members.

Our ‘Stabilizer’ quickly learns how to negotiate so everyone wins. He or she is taught the language, tempo and observations that allows for difference, yet conveys the idea that all are in the same boat. The ‘stabilize’ and the advisor emerge as trusted guides who can be profoundly effective at controlling outcomes.

Donna LeBlanc, M. Ed, NYMHC, is a licensed psychotherapist who is a communications expert specializing in conflict resolution. She works with advisors, family businesses on communication issues related to family governance. She is the founder of The Family Network MethodTM and The Signature Profiling SystemTM and is the best-selling author of two books; She is an executive facilitator with over 25 years of experience in strategic communication, empathic listening and conflict resolution. She can be contacted at 1-877-633-6662 or by email at [email protected].