Have you ever spoken to a friend about a problem you were having and had an “insight” that created a breakthrough?

Then with the same you, the same brain, the same body, you started doing things differently and presto! You got a brand new result.

That is what I call “Turning the Brain on.”

After listening to my teacher, suddenly, my own thinking began to change. I found I had a completely different motivation to live my life. It created a brand new way of thinking in order to face the challenges of my life.

I now had a thirst for learning. I drove an hour every morning in a beat-up old car to a junior college where, with tutoring, I learned to read. Within that semester I received the first two A’s of my life. This gave me the courage to continue. I received financial aid and enrolled in a major university.

By the time my mentor passed away at the age of 41, I had graduated with a master’s degree. I became a counseling coach because I wanted to pay it forward. In a few short years, I had become a best-selling author of my first book, “You Can’t Quit Til’ You Know What’s Eating You.” I learned how incredibly valuable it is having someone in your corner who can awaken you to what is possible.

My Gifts Benefit Your Bottom Line

My unique method is based on a special ability I have developed over my lifetime. I connect with your Invisible Operating System (IOS)TM. Your IOS™ is locked in place by a lifetime of experiences that created specific strengths and areas of easy expression as well as areas of restriction, avoidance or fearful ways of communicating.

Your IOS is controlled by your unconscious mind and nervous system. Once you start learning its language, everything becomes possible!

Personal growth and transformation are the key foundation for life’s evolution. This work directly improves your relationships with work, love, family, career and money.

Blockages Prevent from You Being Free

Everyone has patterns of behaviors, specific ways of thinking and habitual feelings. Some of these patterns are fantastic and create great success and love. Others can invisibly sabotage your efforts and cause much pain. We call these blockages.

Blockages Cause Imbalance and Lack Of Fulfillment

You can have blockages to obtaining money, success, healthy love and family relationships.

We Will Help You Release Blockages and Create Powerful Ways to Rethink any Circumstance.

You will learn how to reach others with highly advanced communication skills so you can:

· Enhance Your Career

· Become the Number One Salesperson of the Year

· Create the Love Relationship You Desire

· Grow Your Family Business

· Get the Love Back in Your Marriage

· Stop Your Family From Feuding

· Protect your Family legacy and Wealth

How Much Money Are Your Blocks Costing You?

Jerry saw himself as a quarterback for his sales team. He worked long hours toiling away as manager for his company. He put in more time, more hours and had higher numbers than anyone on his team. Yet, when the sales manager position came open he was passed over for Bill. He thought it was unfair but had no idea he had anything to do with the reason he was passed over. Being a strong person, he never asked anyone for help. His thinking cost him 100K in that year alone.

The problem with the human ego is that it’s a “no-it-all.” Have you ever listened to your spouse or your best friend talk about her job, love or family business problems? You can see the role your friend is playing is creating her problem. You might even be able to see how she could fix it but the problem is that since you are her friend; she won’t listen to you or take your advice. You feel powerless to help.

This blindness and inability to see self is part of the human condition.

Eventually, Jerry’s wife brought him in to see me. Once he began to understand that coming in didn’t mean “something was wrong” with him.” It meant he was smart enough to know what he did not know and get the training and skills to fix it.

In the session, he began to learn about the subtle signals he was sending out on the job, beyond his awareness that was turning people off. He understood that he was passed over because, although he had the skills to be a great leader and generate great sales numbers, his co-workers saw him as aggressive, angry and bossy. He realized people didn’t see him as a team player. He also learned how his body language, vocal patterns, and verbal cues had been sending a clear “you’re an idiot signal” to anyone in his path.

Jerry committed to an intensive coaching training counseling program and over the next 6 months, his relationships at work began to improve. Over the next two years his numbers increased, the loyalty of his co-workers improved and they began seeking him out for guidance. Ultimately, he was promoted and well on his way in the leadership roll he wanted. By this time, his income had tripled.

Experience has shown me that those who make the most money and have the most success often invest the most in advisors to keep them ahead in the game of life.