Years of working with people have allowed me to see miracles in my client’s lives. It all starts when they are able to turn their brains on and rethink within a larger context using a road map to understand whatever challenge is facing their lives.

They understand that everything they create in their life is a product of their organic thoughts and aptitudes combined with their ability to go after what they want. The foundation for everything we seek to create is our internal sense of worthiness and self-esteem. This includes having advanced social, negotiation and relationship skills.

My Clients are Forward Thinking Visionaries

They generally have an attitude toward life that if something isn’t the way they want it to be, “it is up to me to get new understanding, perspective and skills so that I can get in charge of my circumstances.”

The typical person opts for the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” approach to dealing with their challenges. They delay getting the modification training they need because they don’t know what they don’t know. Instead, they wait until their behaviors cause them, and those they love, a great deal of inner pain and outer turmoil.

The clients that have the most success and the most transformation do not wait until “something is broken” in their lives. These clients understand that in order to reach their potential and reach their goals they need to learn to master themselves.

I Will Help You Rethink Your Life!

My Life Has Shown Me What Is Truly Possible When Blockages Are Removed

When I was much younger I had a great deal of trouble reading in school. I thought I was dumb because I couldn’t make good grades. My family business caused my parents to work long hours and I felt the stress this put on all of my brothers and sisters. All of these challenges prevented me from connecting to any kind of dream for my life.

Then I had a high school teacher who, while I was in her class, contracted 4th stage breast cancer. She became my mentor and life coach for the remaining 5 years of her life. I spoke with her about my grades and she would say, “Donna, no one knows what you are capable of. Even the tests don’t know what your real intelligence is. Only you know what you’re real intelligence is and its up to you to bring it to the world.” 

It was through her life coaching that I learned to “Turn my Brain On.”