After 20 years of working with clients to discover, uncover and ignite their inner power, confidence and abilities, I’ve learned the secret to real and meaningful transformation…

It’s knowing the specific and predictable mechanism that drives your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Once you learn what drives you, you are unleashed to create more success, fulfillment and money in your life!

Once you identify your specific and predicable drives you begin to recognize when you can and cannot trust your thinking or emotions.

Holy Cow! I Can’t Trust my Thinking or my Emotions?

There is a human phenomenon, which occurs when we are feeling intense emotion such as being overwhelmed, trapped, abandoned or betrayed. When we are tired and stressed we are even more vulnerable. I call this our “Stressed Style.” This style, which can override our rational thought process is run by our primal nervous system. It causes us to shift into unhealthy and negative “states of mind.” We act out, saying and doing things contrary to our best interest – oftentimes doing a lot of damage to our family, our careers and ourselves.